Information Technology Section


  • Perform duties as a computing center that will provide ICT services to the department covering applications, hardware, software, databases and networks.
  • Help improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of the department's administration and management through the ICT technical support and advisory services.


  • Plan, implement and manage ICT computing programs related to the department.
  • Monitor the operation of the land administration system (e-Tanah) used by the Melaka Land and Mines Director's Office, Melaka Tengah Land Office, Alor Gajah Land Office and Jasin Land Office.
  • Manage server operations and ICT maintenance for the department, Data Center and DRC
  • Develop and coordinate the maintenance of the department's website / portal and the department's social media.
  • Manage the department's toner supply needs.
  • Provide the necessary ICT technical advice and support.
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