Strata Section


  • Unit Strata is the local processing center for issuing strata ownership rights for the State of Melaka.
  • Ensuring the activities of the SiFUS application process, issuance of Strata Title, Airspace permit (Strata Development), Management Corporation Certificate, and enforcement of the Strata Title Act at the Melaka Land and Mines Office are carried out efficiently, effectively and planned according to the time period set in the charter customers.


  • Process a complete Strata Title application within 100 days.
  • Process complete applications for Airspace Permits.
  • Process a complete application for a Management Corporation Certificate.
  • Enforcing the provisions of the Law that have been outlined in the Strata Title Act 1985.
  • Dealing and resolving with incomplete and non-applicable strata title applicationsthrough Express meetings and Special Meetings involving the Land Administrator and other relevant Agencies.


  • Coordinating and processing applications which is receiving applications, checking, recording, regulating data and records of SiFUS and Strata Ownership applications.
  • Managing correspondence related to applications and dealing with the Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia, Melaka Branch.
  • Prepare application approval papers related to SiFUS and Strata Ownership.
  • Carry out enforcement of applications through investigation and obtaining data of developers who have not apply for Strata Ownership.
  • Carry out prosecution in writing and send notices to developers who fail to apply for Strata Title within the period set under Section 8 of the Strata Title Act 1985.
  • Carry out investigations through complaints received by plot owners against customers as per Section 35 of the Strata Title Act 1985.
  • Provide advice and guidance for applications related to the Strata Title Act 1985 and problems that arise related to Strata Title.
  • Process and coordinate applications for splitting parcels, merging parcels and terminating strata schemes.
  • Process and coordinate Airspace permit applications that related to Strata and Management Corporation Certificate applications.
  • Secretariat of the Strata Ownership Express Meeting and Strata Special Meeting tomonitor projects that have not yet applied for Strata Ownership.


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