Enforcement and Technical Section


  • Increasing the effectiveness of the enforcement of Land Laws according to the National Land Code and the Melaka State Land Rules.
  • Increasing the revenue collection of the State Government through mineral royalty payments allocated by the National Land Code and Land Rules.
  • Collecting and updating data and basic information regarding land development in Melaka.


  • Investigating and preparing reports on complaints received by the public about offences done according to the National Land Code.
  • Preparing land reports about rock material production permit applications, land application via privatisation, airspace permit application, and land claims.
  • As the secretariat for sand permit applications in the State Land Division and Land Separation Meeting (JKBB).
  • As the secretariat for the Special Committee for Land Claims under Section 3(1)(b) Land Claim Act 1960.
  • As the secretariat for the Melaka State Mineral Resources Special Committee.
  • Run enforcement operations towards rock material production without a permit according to Section 329B(1) National Land Code.
  • Preparing plans for proposed site developments as required by Y.A.B. Chief Minister.
  • Collecting and updating data as information about rock material production, land claims under Section 3(1)(b) and (a) Land Claims Act 1960 and other issues related to land development in Melaka.
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